About Us

Welcome to T&F Games. I established T&F Games with a dream of creating a start-up in the Portland, Oregon area. Sadly that dream did not manifest into a company with employees, but my time spent designing and developing a game was not wasted. It taught me a lot about myself, my limits, and what I truly desire. I will continue to create and develop professionally and personally. I still have the business name T&F Games. Who knows, maybe one day my dream will become reality.


Current T&F Games does not have any published games to download. Rather than working for myself I took a full-time position elsewhere, but I’m always pushing myself to create something new.

Alien Squish

Alien Squish is a unique action game where alien invaders are trying to take over earth and it is your job to stop them before they reach earth. Alien spaceships will randomly fly across the screen and you must squish them without touching any other objects.

More than 10,000 downloads

Rated E for everyone

Other Projects

Nation of Dragons World of Warcraft Guild

My World of Warcraft Data desktop application


If you are currently playing Alien Squish and need support feel free to use the Contact Us page to reach out to me.